Protein Structure Model for Human Coagulation Factor Xa

All structural analysis of the missense variants presented within this database uses the full length human FXa structure model kindly provided by Dr Divi Venkateswarlu, Department of Chemistry, N Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University, USA. (Venkateswarlu et al, Biophys J 2002 Vol 82: 1190-1206 PMID No 11867437). EAHAD-DB are most grateful for provision of this model.

Construction of the human FXa model included crystal data on human FXa EGF2-SP (PDB file 1XKA) from Kamata et al (PNAS USA (1995) 95: 6630); and human FVIIa Gla-EGF1 (PDB file 1DAN) from Banner et al (Nature (1996) 80: 41-46).